5 Hazards Of Working In A Scaffolding Equipment

Part of working in industries like construction and home renovation is that you need to use different kinds of equipment. And using these equipment comes with inherent risk. Being a responsible contractor and worker, you need to make sure that you know what are the risks involved when using work machineries, like scaffolding.

Scaffolding companies in Dubai provides a list of hazards and risk factors that contractors and workers need to know to avoid and prevent workplace accidents using scaffolding equipment:

  1. Dismantled equipment


One of the main problems that people working on a scaffolding is the incorrect installation. When the scaffolding is not properly erected or installed, there is a great chance that it will dismantle in the middle of operations. This can lead to a number of problems like hurting workers on ground. Be sure that you make sure that the ground the scaffolding is stable.


  1. Slipping accidents


When the bars and planks of your scaffolding is slippery, this can lead to a number of things. For one, it can lead to people and workers slipping while they are working on the scaffolding. It can also lead to delays in work since employees need to be more cautious than ever to use it. They would need to take too much time using the equipment.


  1. Falling accidents


Falling accidents one of the most common disaster in the workplace. Most of the time, it is come from unsupported equipment like incorrect installation of scaffolding. When the bars and bolts get dislocated, all the components will be dislocated as well and it can lead to workers falling down the platform. Fall accidents can also be cause of wearing improper PPE shoes. Be sure provide your workers with non-slip work shoes when working on a scaffolding.


  1. Cluttered tools


Some workers have this habit of leaving the work tools on the scaffolding and platform, thinking that it is a wise idea to do so, since they will still use the tools the next day. But keep in mind that there are other people who will be using the scaffolding.


  1. Untrained personnel

Site personnel and supervisors are responsible for workers on site. But at times, they are untrained and provide unclear instructions that can endanger the life of their subordinates. Ensure that every personnel went through a rigorous training to prep and handle their team.

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