A quick word on voice overs

Before we go into details, let us first understand what a voice over is- a piece of narration in a film where the speaker is not seen or one can say narration without the image of the speaker. A written material is narrated for a film i.e. off Camera or off stage commentary, where the voice is not a part of film or documentary or stage. Arabic vice over Dubai is also playing its part in this connection. It is a production technique widely used in television film, documentaries and even in radio. In this technique who perform the said function read from a script already prepared and do appear somewhere else but not in the said production. The action or act of a film or documentary or stage acting should be according to the voice. Sports commentary or live comments in connection to many popular games may be a good example to explain the very phenomena or in other words “Synchronous” dialogue- Voice Over is narrating the action taking place simultaneously with the narration.

Getting started

Another word which is used is “Asynchronous”- prerecorded, placed over the top of a film or video but commonly used in documentaries and on Television News Reports to make the information or visuals easy to understand and make it quite comprehensive for a common viewer even the background of the incident is explained to make the video or film easy to understand. Voice over is also playing its parts in video games and on- hold messages. Voice over may also be used with already existing dialogue and is quite different from the process of dubbing, wherein, existing narration or dialogue are replaced by the translation as per need the dubbing of English Film in native languages (translated in the language of the country where the Film is seen). Voice over is also used very effectively in the Events such as Award presentation ceremony- information of Events and announcements and describing the tourist destination to boost the interest of tourists for a country and hence to support the tourist industry to earn Foreign Exchange.

What to do

In recent years, voice over techniques and processes have attained the status of a noble profession which is viewed with prestige and grace. This field has now many companies and organization having a well knitted structure of highly professional personnel. Arabic voice over artist is an important aspect of these highly professional phenomena. They have staff having good voice and brilliant assent of this great and obviously rich Arabic language and have a decent and beautiful way of expression.

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