Modern Healthcare Technologies – Where Dubai Stands?

In a recent event, the news of the first stem cell research facility inaugurated in Dubai remained in the limelight. That in itself is quite a remarkable achievement as not many countries around the world have that technology. The issue of stem cell research has been a controversial one for more than one reasons but at the same time, for many countries, this research is simply too complicated and cutting edge, which is why you don’t see this technology everywhere. At the same time, the technology is by no means affordable, and it is the exorbitant cost that is still keeping it away from those in need.

However, the mere availability of this technology means a lot and will help scientists as well as physicians to come up with enhanced propositions. Stem cell is still a new technology but it has shown some tremendous benefits for patients suffering from chronic illness as well as knee arthritis. Thanks to stem cell technology, these patients don’t need to go through one or more complicated surgical procedures. Here is more on availability of modern healthcare facilities in Dubai and what the future holds:

Dubai At The Center Stage

It is there for all to see and just a matter of time when this city will become a major hub of medical and healthcare activities in the world. The promise is there and so being the funds, and with the inclusion of modern cutting edge technologies, we may well be seeing a modern healthcare regional hub in the making. The extent of this would be quite far reaching but not without challenges. We discussed the stem cell technology and research and its availability for the common man. Despite the costs, the benefits of it far outweigh the costs it incurs. So much so that you might not need to undergo a surgery and the medicine will resolve your age old problem. With that much said, the controversies the procedure carries with it are still there, left unaddressed. Still, it is believed that the inclusion of this technology and the effects it will show for patients who needed it badly to lead a healthy prosperous life will necessarily negate them. They’ll balance both opinions and will still rate Dubai as one the places where patients from around the world will be coming to get the treatment. Imagine the consequences and where the healthcare industry of this city will go.

The potential is there, and the ambitions are sky high. All it requires is devotion and consistency of policies.