Proprietary technologies used in a radiology clinic

Have you ever thought about visiting an advanced radiology clinic near you? Well, it is obvious that you will not be making that decision on your own. In fact, you would let your physician do that for you. To fact is that attending a session at a radiology center is something that is beyond many. Each session may have so many things involved that you may not be able to remember all. Truth to be told, your radiology session is important for more than one reasons. Your physician is waiting for the reports to arrive, and you may be waiting for the diagnosis report as well. All of that will be possible only when your radiology center provides the diagnosis reports on time. It is pertinent to note that a modern radiology department uses modern technology to achieve desired results. Though some tests are still conducted using older tech, most of the tests have become possible due to better technology. Your radiology center may provide you with the following:

Scanning for positron emission tomography (PET)

The test is not new, but it has seen several improvements over the years. In this test, the patient is injected with a liquid that is radioactive. Once the liquid reaches the body, the allows the equipment to see closely about what may be going on inside the body. It is assumed that PET usually provides better results compared to other tests.


This tech has been around for many decades now, but the technology has seen several improvements. The modern ultrasound is leaps and bounds better than its previous generation counterpart. The equipment now allows colored images and videos and physicians can predict more accurately than before. Pregnancy stages can be observed more vividly thanks to the availability of cutting edge 4D technology that allows the machine to scan images in real-time.

Magneto Resonance Images

Commonly referred to as MRI, this technology is nothing new but has seen several enhancements in the last few years. Now, experts can observe the MRI scans in three-dimensional images thanks to modern technology and powerful image processing. The MRI can be a very handy technology as it provides images of organs that are often missed by primitive technologies such as x-rays. Interestingly, modern MRI machines have the processing power to bring hundreds of images in a single cycle, which was not possible on the previous generation machines.

You can try an MRI scan in Sharjah to see what this tech has to offer, but do it only when your physician says so.

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