The different types of braces available these days

As you all know, braces are devices used in orthodontics to shape up your teeth and fix your smile. Most of the people out there get a little confused while putting on braces. Before visiting an orthodontist and beginning your treatment, you need to know that there are several types of braces that you can get. You need to choose one that you deem best. However, before choosing the type of dental braces in Dubai that you want, you need to remember that your treatment is going to be an extensive procedure at a specialized orthodontist.

The different types of braces that you can get are inclusive of:

1- Stainless steel metal braces

2- Gold braces

3- Ceramic braces

4- Invisalign

5- Lingual braces

6- Damon braces

7- Smart brackets

Before deciding which type of braces you want, make sure that you go through the information given below to make the best decision.

Stainless steel metal braces

These are the most commonly used braces around the world and are easily available at just about any dentist or orthodontist that you go to. They are made with a combination of nickel and titanium. These are extremely affordable, but their drawback is that they might cause staining over the surface of your teeth.

Gold braces

The brackets and the arch wire in these are basically gold plated as they blend in well with the teeth. These are actually recommended for people that are allergic to nickel.

Ceramic braces

These are clear braces that are made from a glass like material. They are fairly transparent; therefore, it gets hard to notice them. They blend in with the natural tooth color, but are extremely expensive. The brackets in these braces are more brittle and can easily get damaged, which is a definite drawback.


These braces are particularly recommended by all dental clinic in Al Quoz for people whose oral problems are not all that complicated. They are almost invisible, so there is nothing for you to get embarrassed about in your social circle. They provide better hygiene for your teeth as these can be taken off while brushing and eating.

Lingual braces

These are braces that are fitted at the back of your teeth and for that reason, they are nearly invisible. The treatment process takes up to 12-16 months to get your teeth in shape.

Damon braces

The wires in Damon braces are held in place by a sliding mechanism. They are self-litigating and are appropriate for both kids and adults.

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