Things to know about shopping in Dubai

Are you planning to travel to Dubai? If yes, then there is a good chance that you have a long list of things that you want to do during your trip. Shopping is definitely going to part of this, right? If truth be told, the huge malls constructed in this city are truly going to amaze you once you check them out.

Speaking in general, you should set aside an entire day and dedicate it to shopping alone. Just so you know, the malls are so huge that apart from offering lots of variety in terms of shopping, there are a lot of other fun activities as well that you can indulge in. From huge restaurants to some of the most amazing cinemas, you will get to experience it all.

The different shopping malls in Dubai

Some of the most well – known shopping centres in Dubai are The Malls of Emirates, Deira City Centre and Wafi City. What should be mentioned here is the fact that every single one of these shopping malls have diverse ranges of attractions to offer to visitors. If anything, these would be things that aren’t commonly found at shopping malls around the world, which makes visiting them even more appealing to tourists.

 Wafi City
For those who don’t know, this shopping mall has specifically been designed using an Egyptian theme. A lot of attention has been paid to every bit of its construction. I lf Egyptian themes and architecture are of interest to you, then make sure that you visit this mall during your trip.

Malls of Emirates
The number one attraction at this particular shopping mall is that of its indoor snow field. Yes, believe it or not, a visit to this shopping centre will allow you to ski and have all the fun in the world.

The best part about shopping in Dubai is that you can find franchises of all the best brands from around the world. This obviously includes designer shops as well. However, there are countless local shops as well along with local brands that you should definitely check out.  If electronics are of interest to you, then you should know that Dubai is specifically known as a hub for electronic shopping. You can also shop for its of local flavor. This includes Bedouin jewelry, carpets and a number of other Arabic souvenirs.

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